Improving your Business

Do you want to improve your business so that you have more time, or more money or perhaps more fun?  Are you so busy that you are only have time to do what you need to do and no time to work on developing your business?

Perhaps you have the time but don’t know where to start. 

This is where our business improvement services can help. We work mainly with clients in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, but are happy to work with business owners further afield who want support from an accountancy practice who will help them effect real change in their businesses.

The Numbers

By identifying the important numbers in the business, and then measuring and improving them, you will have the information available to make better decisions and get better results.

We work with you to develop a one-page plan to identify the numbers and then put in place a strategy to measure and improve them.  You may be surprised that these numbers are not always financial.

Clients get excited by the numbers in their business particularly when they get their teams or families involved.

Board View

Being the owner of a business can be lonely, even when you are surrounded by a team, particularly if all the business decisions fall to you.

Our Board View service addresses this as we meet on a quarterly basis to review your performance, act as a sounding board, help with problem solving, share insights and explore opportunities for growth.

Virtual FD

You can have all of the benefits of having an in-house financial director without having the risks, complications and drawbacks of having to employ one in house on a full time basis.

If you already have an accountant but would like to take advantage of ‘The Numbers’ and ‘Board View’ services that is fine.  You can do so without transferring your regular accountancy business.

For further information on these services, please give us a call.

Nicola takes the fear out of accounts. Her approach is reassuring, straightforward and she makes even the most complex matters easy to understand