Probate is the official proving of a will and it is the duty of an executor of an estate to obtain a grant of probate.  An executor’s responsibilities also include identifying, collecting and distributing the assets of the estate.

Until September 2014 only solicitors were able to obtain a grant of probate on behalf of an executor and attend to the full winding up of an estate.

Accountants are now able to assist executors fulfil their duties and Envision Partnership is one of the few chartered accountants in Kent authorised to do so.

The role of an executor falls at a difficult time and we strongly believe that using a professional that you know and trust helps the process considerably.   We are also able to provide a competitive service as we do not adhere to the recommendations of the Law Society regarding the suggested level of fees.

For further information on the role of an executor and how we can assist please download our brochure.

You have a wonderful bedside manner and provide outstanding service.