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Six Quotes That Can Make You a Better Leader (From Some of the World's Leading Entrepreneurs)

Everyone has a fascination for famous quotes, and for good reason. Some of these have the power to alter one's perspective and outlook on life and even in business.

What makes some people vastly more successful than others? They became experts in their fields and uncovered the best business practices and philosophies.

Sometimes, a single quote can tell you a lot about a person and how they reached success. That’s why learning from the best entrepreneurs, even via a quote or two, is one of the fastest ways to become a better leader.

Take inspiration from the following.

You Must Have Some Kind of Vision for Your Life – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. And the famous businesswoman stresses the importance of having at least a direction in life.

It's not always essential to have a plan, although it helps. But to succeed, you have to know where you want to go. Otherwise, life can do the driving for you and put you in the passenger seat.

Chase the Vision, Not the Money – Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh, a co-founder of Zappos, was a successful digital entrepreneur. He, too, liked to emphasise the power and impact of having purpose and passion in life.

Chasing money won't get people through rough times. On the other hand, passion can. And it can also influence others around you.

Starting a Business is a Huge Amount of Hard Work. You Had Better Enjoy It – Richard Branson

These truly are words to live by if you want to start a business. 

Richard Branson spent the better part of the last few decades telling people how he became successful. And there's clearly a constant in his thoughts and teachings:

Starting a business isn't easy. So what's the point in doing something you don't like?

It's always better to go into a field that you not only know but also enjoy. It will help to get past tough obstacles and maintain focus on achieving success.

Find a Way to Say Yes to Things – Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt was Google's CEO and one of his primary philosophies is to accept openness and stepping outside the comfort zone.

Saying yes to meeting someone or doing something new is not a bad thing. It can teach you new things that make a difference, like making better business decisions.

It Takes 20 Years to Build a Reputation and Five Minutes to Ruin It – Warren Buffett

Establishing a reputation and authority takes time and consistency. It's not something that others give you; it's something you earn over time.

Yet, consistency is the key to maintaining that hard-earned reputation. And the smallest unanswered mistakes can ruin any business in one day.

It's Fine to Celebrate Success, But It's More Important to Heed the Lessons of Failure – Bill Gates

Once the richest man in the world, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has plenty of wisdom to share. And this is one of the most important.

The famed entrepreneur and philanthropist understands the necessity to celebrate wins. But he also acknowledges that each mistake and failure teaches a lesson. 

Failing and applying the knowledge that we gain is part of the journey to success.

Learn from the Best

You may have little left or a lot to learn about becoming a great leader and entrepreneur. 

Whichever the case, it's good to remember the teachings of people who have reached unquestionable success.