You don't have to be in business to work with us


Our philosophy of supporting our clients so they can grow applies to the wealth and finances of individuals as well as businesses.

We take time to understand your personal situation and your aspirations and provide a tailored service to meet your needs. 

In addition to the preparation of self-assessment and capital gains tax returns and the calculation of your tax liabilities we can help you with tax planning on income, capital gains and inheritance tax.

The responsibility for preparing a correct tax return and filing it on time lies with the taxpayer and the penalties for not doing so are automatic and harsh.  We can alleviate the fear of getting things wrong by ensuring that your tax returns are correct and filed promptly.


A buy to let property can be a great long term investment and provide you with a regular income, but it can also make your tax affairs more complicated. You will pay tax when you buy the property, on the income you receive as a landlord and also when you sell the property. There have been significant changes in recent years to the way landlords are taxed and if you need assistance in understanding or complying with these changes please get in touch.


As part of your planning you may consider creating a trust for family members and although many of the tax advantages have been withdrawn trusts are still an effective way to protect family assets.

Please come and talk to us if you are considering setting up a trust. We can assist you with the process and help the trustees understand their responsibilities.

We will assist you with the preparation of annual accounts clearly distinguishing between capital and income and showing the distributions to beneficiaries.

Trustees are subject to the same taxes as individuals and tax planning is essential to mitigate income, capital gains and inheritance tax.  We will attend to your self-assessment tax return and also any inheritance tax forms on ten year anniversaries or assets ceasing to be held within the trust.

Nicola’s approach is reassuring, straightforward and she makes even the most complex matters easy to understand''