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Business Tax Account

How Do I Set Up a Business Tax Account?

Business Tax Accounts (BTA) have been available for a number of years now and are used to file a variety of returns with HMRC.

They are increasingly being used by HMRC and have become the easiest way to settle tax liabilities.

If you have an accountant you may not have set up a business account. Your accountant can access your details through their own agent account and simply advise you to make a bank transfer to settle any tax liabilities.

As we move to a more digital tax system we are encouraging all of our business clients to set up a BTA. This is particularly relevant at the moment, as employers making claims under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will require a BTA to make a claim.

 How do I know if I have a business account?

If you use one of HMRC’s online services for submitting VAT or PAYE returns you will have a BTA but it may not be obvious.

You can check by logging on to HMRC’s home page using the government gateway and password.  If you have a BTA it will say so at the top of the page.

How Do I Register?

First you will need to log onto HMRC’s service page. If you don’t have a Gateway ID you can set it up using the link below the sign in box.

Then follow the instructions for ‘online services’ and answer some questions about your business.