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How to Make Your Business More Socially Responsible

Year after year, customers have shown that they prefer to buy from socially responsible companies. Choosing to do so will not only help those in need, but it’s also a great way to build trust and relationships with your customers.

However, it’s essential to be authentic. 

The goal isn’t to become a socially responsible company just because someone proclaimed it the new norm. It’s to find causes that genuinely appeal to you and then see what you can do to help. 

Different businesses can contribute in different ways. Here are a few great ideas that can make your business more socially responsible.

There are so many ways to contribute and give back to the community. Check out these three ideas that any business can implement.

Encourage Volunteering

Many would love to volunteer for a good cause, but they’re afraid that they won’t have enough time for everything. What a company can do is to encourage its employees and, even better, find a way to reward them for their volunteer work.

For an employee, a reward could be an extra day off, while for another, the satisfaction may simply come from within. The important thing is to always give back and contribute as much as we can.

Socially responsible companies often organise team building in the form of volunteering. It’s a great way to bond with each other and help those in need at the same time. 

For example, if a company has a lot of IT experts, they could volunteer and help kids learn computer science in school. 

There are so many ideas that you’re bound to find something all employees will enjoy doing that’s also beneficial to the community.

Work on Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer a topic reserved only for eco enthusiasts. It’s the responsibility of all - as individuals and as teams.

The good thing is that thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to become a sustainable business. It’s enough to change a few habits and have an outsized impact on the environment.

Among the many eco-friendly ideas, limiting the use of paper whenever possible is a good one. After all, do you really need to print all those documents if you’re going to read the contents once before throwing them away?

Another idea is to simply explore the available recycling programs and find one that suits your company. But to step it up a notch, you can create energy-efficient policies and use only eco-friendly materials.

Becoming a sustainable business is a process. Start today and take it one step at a time.


Some companies give their employees a certain amount of money that they can donate to any charity of their choice. In doing so, you’re both encouraging your employees’ philanthropic spirit and helping others in need.

Another idea is to tie charitable giving into your business activities. You could make a donation to a charitable cause every time you reached a particular goal or took on a new client. This is easy to do through organisations like B1G1 who support causes throughout the world.

Have Fun

Employees of socially responsible companies show higher levels of workplace satisfaction. Your company’s sustainability objectives can be a great way to engage employees and have a good time together.

So, why not organise a brainstorming session where everyone can come up with ways to contribute and agree on the best ideas to proceed?