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This week the Prime Minister announced his plans for resolving the health and social care issues.  National insurance contributions and dividend tax rates will increase by 1.25% across the UK from April 2022, with the projected £12bn annual income to be ring ...
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As the 31 January deadline for self assessment tax returns approaches there has been an increase in the flood of scams purporting to be from HMRC.As HMRC issues thousands of SMS messages and emails as part of its annual self assessment tax return push, the department has war...
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A few weeks ago we wrote a post about setting up a Business Tax Account (BTA) which are how the self-employed and companies can file returns, view their tax and pay their tax liabilities. Individuals can also set up a Personal Tax Account and we are encouraging our clients t...
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Business Tax Account

April 11, 2020
How Do I Set Up a Business Tax Account? Business Tax Accounts (BTA) have been available for a number of years now and are used to file a variety of returns with HMRC. They are increasingly being used by HMRC and have become the easiest way to settle tax liabilities. If you h...
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